My approach to working with people was formed well before I began a career in marketing for the design profession. In my first career in social work and community organization, I learned that the focus had to be on what the client wanted, and while there was a need for the “parade” to be organized, my role was to help others lead it.

Social work also included role playing in order to help people “try on” others’ attitudes and beliefs. Applying this to marketing has enabled me to be an effective coach, a voice of the “client,” and a teacher of techniques for understanding motivations and issues that lay below the surface communication.

I have also picked up some tools along the way that I think contribute to better decision-making and rigor. These include:
– Apply the correct “Plan, Do, Re-Do” triangle concept
– Recognizing Duality to reduce either/or thinking
– Application of the 80/20 Rule as a way to increase productivity
– The Situational Leadership model as a way to increase communications

I’d love to show you how these techniques increase effectiveness and lower marketing costs.